How to Setup Hotspot Shield, Free VPN for iPhone

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How to Setup Hotspot Shield, Free VPN for 

It appears Hotspot Shield’s iPhone page is no longer supported, but the service still works. Enter the details as shown below. You can also access Netflix USA with your Netflix Canada account by adding this VPN to your iOS devices.
If you’re browsing on your iPhone on an open WiFi network, you might want to secure your connection with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you want to access US-only content and have your IP US-based, you can also use a VPN.
We’ve talked about setting up a paid VPN solution via Witopia to use the ABC iPad app in Canada, but there is a free solution via Hotspot Shield. PC and Mac users have used Hotspot Shield for a while now, but there is also a solution for iPhone users.
Here’s how to setup your Hotspot Shield VPN on your iPhone (according to their guide):
1. Turn off WiFi. Then find the VPN settings in
Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN -> Add VPN Configuration:
Enter the following details:
Select the IPSec tab/pane
Description: HotspotShield
Account: n5tfrq
Password: n5tfrq
Use Certificate: OFF
Group Name: hss
Secret: hss
2. Save the settings and hit the “HOME” button to quit. Make sure to turn Wi-Fi back “ON”.
3. To activate Hotspot Shield on your iPhone, the VPN setting needs to be turned on.
Settings –> VPN –> ON
If you entered your info correctly, your status will change to “Connected” and you’ll see a VPN icon appear at the top iPhone tray. If you can’t connect, power down your phone, and turn it back on and try again.
Hotspot Shield worked over both 3G and WiFi.
Accessing US-IP Only Websites
With Hotspot Shield’s VPN enabled, I was able to make better use of the Skyfire app. Watching content from the US such as The Daily Show worked without a problem. I was also able to use Pandora, which is only available in the US App Store and works only in the USA in Canada. I’ll have a brief tutorial on that later.

Hotspot Shield’s VPN did take a couple tries to setup though. There are various login/password accounts provided and if one doesn’t work, try another (you might have to reload the page in a different browser). I did this and it worked for me.
Also, the VPN doesn’t stay on forever as it will turn itself off after a brief period of time. Nonetheless, for a 
free VPN solution on the iPhone, Hotspot Shield does the job for your immediate needs.

Let me know how Hotspot Shield for the iPhone works for you in the comments!

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How can i download hotspot shield for iphone if is blocked in my country?
u see i live in the UAE...and im trying to get hotpotsheild for my the thing is the site is blocked, and if i try accessing it via hotspot shield on my computer, and i press the "get hotspot shield on ipohne" button at the top right, the "server" ip address will be given to me falsely...because hotspot sheild altered the ip address of my computer to enter, so now thinks im from white plains, usa...and wen i enter it into my doesnt did u get wat im trying to say? simply, i need a way to access without changing my ip address so can give me a "server" ip based on the uae's proxy, or just get the "server" ip from a diffrent can i do either one?

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Download Hotspot Shield for iPhone

What happened to Personal hotspot in 4.3.2 iphone 4
I just realized the Personal hotspot is gone from 4.3.2 and there is no sign of it anywhere I could find. Very inconvenient!
Any clues as what happened and what needs to be done to recover it? (aside from reverting to the previous iOS version, that is)
Thanks for any pointers! ...

4.3.2 killed my personal hotspot iphone 4
hotspot was working just great till I upgraded. Any ideas? It simply does not connect. Not only does the hotspot not work but I lost the Bluetooth connectivity to my MacBook Pro 15.
Any one else with issues?
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hotspot-app you might iphone
Any app you might know that will log or control somehow who is currently connected to the iphone4 (legal) at&t hotspot?
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I even select the download only option, so there is a local copy on my mac. I dont have the fastest internet connection so it takes ages.
My wife also has to download it - wouldnt it make sense once there...

Problems with Personal hotspot iphone 4
I live in Venezuela, I have an iphone 4 from Movistar. After 4.3 upgrade I wasnt able to enable the tethering for my iphone I had asked to my carrier about the issue and they blamed to Apple because of a missing configuration or something else. That statement is true?

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iphone update wont download all way.
I have an iphone 3GS when I download the most recent update it stops at the last point of the download and says that it timed out. This did happen with the last update to 4.3 as well and I had to download it by putting it into recovery mode first. Is there another remedy for this? I am using Itunes...

Apps dont not download iphone
I have 2 apps that are frozen on my screen. It is still in downloading mode and I cant delete or update it. I have tried rebooting the phone but they are still there. Everything else seems to work fine but these apps are slowing down my phone. Any suggestions??
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No WiFi hotspot for 4.3.1 Urgent iphone 3G
I have just upgraded to 4.3.1 for my 3GS iphone, I realised the personal hotspot only have bluetooth and usb options.
How can I set the personal hotspot with wifi?
Please advise.
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setting iphone Mail not to auto-download
When I click on Mail, my iphone downloads messages even though in Settings, I have Fetch >off, and Push> off, and Manually > checked. How do I get it to only load the messages if I specify manually, which I do have checked ? I dont want all the messages loaded that Ive already read on the ...

3GS Updated from 4.1 to 4.3.1 no Personal hotspot option. iphone 3G
I just completed my update from 4.1 to 4.3.1 and already had my AT&T plan upgraded to DataPro + Tethering, however Im not seeing an option for Personal hotspot anywhere on the device. I have performed several reboots, toggled data on and off, any other suggestions to try? Im looking u...

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Alright guys,
First or all thanks for checking out the thread, So my question is how do I get Mobile hotspot working for an iphone 4 running iOS 4.3.1. The Phone is a Pay as you go o2 mobile. Im up for swapping bolt ons etc if necessary.
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Im having issues with downloading iOS updates through iTunes. I tried downloading iOS 4.3 and recently 4.3.1 but no luck with either. Every single time I download an update through iTunes I get an error once the file has reached 100%. The error that I get is:
There was a problem downloading the ...

Personal hotspot iphone 3gs
I am being pretty dumb....under settings general network I dont even have the option to turn on a personal hot spot on my iphone 3GS I have contacted my carrier and they do support this ( well they said it would work on an iphone 4) - they told me to ring apple!! I have upgraded to iOS 4.3 a...

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Personal hotspot-how can I keep it enabled iphone 4
I connected iPad to iphone Personal hotspot via Wi-Fi.
Every time the iPad is not used for a few minutes, I have to unlock my iphone, type in my password, open Settings > Personal hotspot to re-enable the hotspot and allow the iPad to connect.
How do I keep the Wi-Fi hotspot enabled so t...

iTunes App download How I put on iPhone4
My iphone 4 has recently been telling me to sign into iTunes on your computer in order to complete this app download when I attempt to download an application on the handset. Because of this Ive decided to download apps directly from iTunes on my PC because Ive read its a simple drag and drop metho...

Unable to download 4.3 software onto my 3GSAlarms going on 1 hour out iphone 3G
I am having 2 problems with my iphone at the moment. For one, ever since the daylight savings time change last sunday, my phone will alert me of my 9:43 am alarm at 8:43 am instead. The normal displayed time is accurate, but the time that it uses for reference as to when to sound the alarm is an ho...

Unable to download iOS 4.3 update iphone 4
I have been trying for over a week to download the iOS 4.3 update for my iphone 4 and keep getting the same error -3256 saying the network connection was lost. The firewall on my Mac is off and my iTunes is the latest version but it keeps giving me this error.
Can anyone help me?
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4.3 upgrade on 3GS Music disappears from phone once you download Podcast iphone 3G
Anyone having the same problem? Since Ive upgraded to 4.3, if I download a podcast on my phone via wifi, all my music disappears and so do my podcasts. They are still on the phone but it says there is no music, download from iTunes
Music is easily restored if I connect the phone with my mac and...

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I am using Windows Vista iTune to upgrade my iphone 4 iOS 4.2 to 4.3. When software upgrade is almost complete, approaching 669.8M, it reports a problem of internet connection time out. I have tried many times with the same problem, and same even after I disable virus protection software Kas...

iOS4.3 unable to download iphone 4
The download begins and then an error - occurs after a few hundred MB- never the same amount. It occurs on two MacBook Pros for two iphone 4s with the Firewall off on both laptops. Ive tried multiple locations/connections- ie; public library, starbucks, hotel, mcdonalds. I cant download at home as ...

Unable to download new 4.3 iOS for my iphone 43GS
Ive been trying for the pass few days to update both my iphone 4 and my wifes 3GS but keep getting this There was a problem downloading the software for the iphone ....... The network connection timed out. even though Ive tried it on three different computers and everything else suggested by apple ...

Personal hotspot-SOLUTION iphone 4
If Pers HS doesnt appear you have to type in cellular Data in Internet Telethering type the same as in Cellular data and RESTART - IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Apple download help iphone 4
AT&T suggested updating the software to I went to iTunes, plugged in the iphone and clicked yes to the update. It says 4 hours to download. Since I had plenty of time I looked for a answer on the net. Tried downloading the software direct..same 4 hours. Checked speedtest, WNL for AT ...

Cant download IO4.3 for my iphone 3GS it failled everytime at end
Every time I download the last version 4.3, it failed at the end and I have to download it again with no more success saying the connexion expired
I have done all the test successfully!
any one have an idea?

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Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 6002...

Personal hotspot iphone 4
I tried setting up the new personal hotspot on my iphone4 and got a message that I had to contaact my carrier (AT&T). I found out that I had to give up my Unlimited internet access PLUS pay an adtitional $15 a month to use this service.
This situation for me is totally useless! Thanks Apple ...

How to stop download of old mail iphone
I am unable to figure out how to stop download of older email on server. when I delete emails, iphone will then download the next 25 (or 50 or whatever number set). If I delete those (manually one by one) it will continue to download earlier versions. I cant delete the emails from my server because...

apps downloaded with redeem-code lost after restore. cant download again iphone
I bought a redeem-code from where i downloaded a couple of apps. when i restored my iphone they where deleted and i no longer have the redeem so i cant download them again, please help!
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Please post your hotspot speeds iphone 4
for iphone 4 users with the tethering plan in US, att service, GSM. please let me know your hot spot speeds now that you can do this. Thanks so much.
Test from your laptop, itouch , ipad or other device receiving the signal.
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No progress to download email attachment-iOS 4.24.3 EAS iphone
I use iphone / iPad 4.2 & 4.3 and I couldnt download email attachment. It shows me the graphic which indicates the start of download but its still 0 byte. It works sometimes when I tried to kill email client and restart it but it cant guarantee the download. use Exchange Active Sync t...

Marking an app for download at later time. iphone
Is there a way to mark an app, in the app store, to be downloaded at a later time? Sometimes someone will tell me about an app, but I need WiFi to download it and one is not available at the moment. It would be nice to go into the app store and download a list of previously selected apps. Please ad...

How to make personal hotspot at iphone 4
Ive installed 4.3 & can find where and how to establish Personal hotspot.... Does anyone could help????
Thanks ahead!
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iOS4.3-How I download and then update iphone 4
Having read the problems many people had during the update, Im very reluctant to use the download and update option at iTunes. But, Im willing to try the method mentioned in the topic.
Question is; how do I do that? I checked the forum but nobody gave a walk-thru and google is a dead end.

Personal hotspot works on iphone 3GS but
According to many news reports that only iphone 4 has this feature. However, after the update of IOS 4.3, my iphone 3GS can share the wireless network via bluetooth or USB (but not WiFi) with my iPad
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Where hotspot feature located on 4.3 iphone 4
I check in my wifi settings and its not listed, am i missing it?
MacBook Mac OS X (10.6.4) iphone 4, iPod 30GB, iPad 2 (Once it gets released)...

iOS 4.3 available for download iphone 4
It just went live at 1:00pm eastern.
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can not download new apps and updates always waiting iphone
Hi, Ive got app updating alerts. However, when I tried to update, it overrided my old app, and greyed out as Waiting... forever. Its been a day. I can not even use my old app. Im sure my 3G and Wifi are both working just fine. Please help.Thanks
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Personal hotspot on iphone 3gs
Does anyone know the reason apple is not allowing the personal hotspot feature to be enabled on the iphone 3gs?
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Unable to download file from Safar to get my work email account on iphone
I am at my wits end. I have spoken to everyone and their uncle to try top get help. I work for Oracle and am trying to use my companys instructions for downloading a profile to my new iphone so I can get my work email account on my phone. (Other people have done this same thing, on the same model o...

hotspot and Tethering option iphone 4
So iOS4.3 will have hotspot function in GSM versions...I talked to AT&T, I currently have a Unlimited Data plan...If I want to get hotspot/Tethering i will get the 4GB plan for $45...So I asked if I didnt like the hotspot/Tethering and cancel can I go back to unlimited? They said No you get the...

Can i go online without connecting to wifi hotspot iphone 4
My iphone 4 wont go online unless i connect to a wireless modem.. i had a blackberry bold before the iphone and i could go online just about anywhere, how can i do this with the iphone?
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Restoring my iphone download crashes
Ive been trying to restore my iphone to factory default. It starts downloading the latest software, but it keeps crashing the download. The download doesnt seem to be able to resume after a crash so I have to start over again. Only it crashes again next time. Is there a way to download the file man...

ATT hotspot Feature iphone 4
Im not sure if this can be answered yet but Ill give this question a try. If I have the unlimited data plan on my iphone 4 with ATT, what will be my options with the hotspot feature? Will I have to opt out of my unlimited data plan to get this feature?
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iphone wont play audiobook download using Ingram Media Manager
Anyone download audiobooks through their library? My local lib does this through the iConn portal and forces you to use Ingram Media Manager to listen or make a (legal) transfer to itunes and ipod/iphone. I was able to transfer an audiobook and itunes recognizes it as such (in the books folder) but...

Can I download only selected messages on iPhone4
When I got my new iPhone4, I set up my e-mail account and it promptly downloaded about 30 messages I had already read on my computer, including one with about 20 large picture files. It ate up 50 mb of my 200 mb data plan. Is there any way to view messages in the in-box without downloading them, an...

Cant download from app store on device iphone
I get this error: AppName will be available for download when you log in to the iTunes Store on your computer.
How to fix?
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Cant download app iphone
Hi, i have an iphone 4 and tried tu buy whatsapp directly from appstore on my iphone, but it sends a message telling me to contact itunes support to complete this transaction. What can I do?
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Help Finding App--download Save files iphone
I cannot figure out how to download files such as word documents and excel. I would like to be able to save files into a folder on my phone instead of just saving them in my email.
Are there any apps that allow this?
Please advise!
Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.10)...

Apple Id disabbled message on iphone when trying to download an App
I am getting a Apple Id disabled message when I try to download an app to my iphone. I had tried to log in too many times with the wrong password. I have reset my pass word on itunes and in the phone but am still getting the message? What do I do?
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can you update your iphone while thethering or hotspot
Im curius if it does...
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Unable to download free application. iphone
I have an apple id and password.When I login to install any application,Im getting the following message
This sApple ID has not yet been used in iTunes Store.tap Review to sign in.
When i tapped Review button it takes me to a page of Account where I have to enter my country then I agreed the ...

when ATT model will have hotspot features iphone 4
Not a big deal, but might enable me to cancel my ipad service and add on iphone....
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Mail doesnt download to all folders iphone
I have multiple folders with rules setup in my Outlook account. When my iphone downloads emails it automatically downloads the Inbox only. The only way I can tell if there are emails in the other folders is to go to each individual folder and manually check each one. Is there an app or setting I am...

Not enough space to download apps on iphone 4
So a lot of times when I try tO download new HD apps on my iphone 4 it tells me I must delete some pictures or videos because I do not have enough space. When I sync my phone it says I have more than enough space. I only have about 30-40 pictures, like 10 minutes of videos, and two TV episodes. Can...

Email download on iphone and Entorage
I am currently using a pop account for work on my iphone and also have the pop account set up in my entourage. If I push my phone to receive emails and then try to push my entourage to receive emails I am getting a message on enotourage that says The server for account returned error Mailbox alread...

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I just wanted to let you know that Hotspot Shield for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is NOW AVAILABLE in the iTunes Appstore. Try it for free & please share the news with your friends!

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